Anonymous said: What are you majoring in and when do you graduate?

I am currently majoring in the Performing Arts, and I should graduate in about two to three years.

Anonymous said: Do you ever miss the warblers?

Absolutely. More than anything, I miss the people, but I certainly miss the group. I miss being called a Warbler, you know? Ah well… Moving on is good for the heart.

Anonymous said: who are your best frends?

I have made some best friends over the past two years, actually. Along with Alex, I’ve grown fraternally fond for some people here in my school. You wouldn’t know them, so I won’t list them.

I would like to say that my best friends list would include Blaine and David… I jus haven’t talked to David in a long time, and I’m not quite as close with Blaine as I used to be. Maybe that would change when he moves here…

Anonymous said: Do you get laid a lot in college?

Oh dear, no, certainly not! Alex and I—we aren’t—I will not detail my sexual information to you—it’s incredibly inappropriate! Shoo now, goodness…


Oh dear. No, thank you, I will not divulge that personal information.


I’m looking forward to to it dude!  Yeah Kurt’s in Bushwick.  Blaine and I stayed there when he had his NYADA audition and I had my (failed) college interview.  I liked it.  

And I too am looking forward to it! Ah, yes; yes, that’s right. I remember you mentioning your interview. It’s still too bad… But I’m glad you liked Bushwick. Like I said, it’s nice there. But you can see that already.

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Anonymous said: Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?

I sure do. Her name is Alex, and she’s great. We’ve been dating since… December? October? Wow, I can’t even remember now, haha…

Anonymous said: What college are you going to, wes?

Juilliard: I currently major in Performing Arts. :)


That would be awesome dude!  It’ll be great to have some buddies in NYC.  I haven’t seen too much of Manhattan, other than when I was there for nationals a couple of years ago.  I saw more of Bushwick when I was there a little bit ago. 

Bushwick is nice. That’s where Kurt is now, right? It’s nice up there. Industrial, but nice. The rest of Manhattan is just so. I’ll certainly be glad to give you boys a tour.

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aww thanks dude, when I get to NYC we should definitely hang out. Me you and Blaine. You can show us around some of your favorite places!

Oh, certainly, my friend! That would definitely be fun. You’ve already seen much of Manhattan, I’m sure, but I can introduce you guys to some restaurants! And maybe some other parts of Manhattan that I’ve explored for myself that you—maybe—haven’t yet explored for yourselves.